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Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Catalog/Student Handbook
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  • COMM0101: Intro to Mass Communication
  • COMM0102: Intro to Human Comm
  • COMM0106: Principles of Video Production
  • COMM0108: Intro to Film
  • COMM0201: Intro to Comm Tech
  • COMM0202: Intro to Photography
  • COMM0203: Principles of Public Relations
  • COMM0204: Writing for the Media
  • COMM0207: Communication Ethics
  • COMM0209: Global Communication
  • COMM0212: Film & Gender
  • COMM0213: Global Film Studies
  • COMM0216: Issues in Advertising
  • COMM0220: Communication & Conflict
  • COMM0221: Communication Theory
  • COMM0222: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM0223: Web Page Design & Construction
  • COMM0233: Documentary Film
  • COMM0303: Persuasive Communication
  • COMM0305: Communication Internship
  • COMM0307: Communication Law
  • COMM0308: Multimedia Journalism
  • COMM0310: Adv. Vidoe Editing
  • COMM0316: Special Topics
  • COMM0318: Social Media & Social Context
  • COMM0320: Foundations of Comm Research
  • COMM0323: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM0329: Crime and the Media
  • COMM0330: Issues in the Media Industries
  • COMM0332: Writing for Electronic Media
  • COMM0336: Advanced Public Relations
  • COMM0339: Issues in Journalism
  • COMM0340: Organizational Communication
  • COMM0342: Public Relations Writing
  • COMM0395: Sport Writing

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