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Bachelor of Art in Communication



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Department > Concentrations > Media Arts and Analysis

Media Arts and Analysis

The Media Arts and Analysis concentration offers students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the analysis, evaluation, and/or production of media texts. The concentration is designed to allow students the flexibility to focus on one medium—video, digital media, audio, or film—or to combine two or more areas. Courses in the concentration also encourage an examination of the structures and functions of media organizations.

In addition to completing the required major core, students must also complete:

Both of the following required courses (6 credits):

COMM 0330 Issues in the Media Industries
COMM 0332 Writing for Electronic Media

And, four of the following electives (12 credits):

COMM 0106 Principles of Video Production
COMM/ENGL 0108 Introduction to Film
COMM 0202 Introduction to Photography
COMM 0206 Video Studio Production
COMM 0208 Video Field Production
COMM 0211 Representation in the Media
COMM 0212 Film and Gender
COMM 0213 Global Film Studies
COMM 0214 Topics in Film
COMM 0223 Web Page Design and Construction
COMM 0230 Fundamentals of Audio Production
COMM 0233 Documentary Film
COMM 0240 Communication History
COMM 0245 Silent Film
COMM 0302 Video Field Production
COMM 0309 Electronic Journalism
COMM 0310 Advanced Digital Video Editing
COMM 0312 Media Criticism
COMM 0316 Special Topics (when applicable)
COMM 0325 Photojournalism
COMM/CRJU 0329 Crime and the Media
COMM 0328 Audio Production II
COMM 0331 Advanced Web Page Design and Construction
COMM 0335 Media, Technology, and the Future

ART 0108 Computer Graphics I
ART 121-131 Design Workshop (when applicable)
ART 0212 Computer Graphics for Art Applications II

ENGL 0285 Basics of Film Writing
ENGL 0367 Film Theory and Criticism
ENGL 0385 Screenwriting for Feature Film
ENGL 0391 Special Studies in Film
ENGL 0393 History/Development of Motion Pictures

PHIL 0217 Philosophy and Film

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