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Internship Requirements


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Internship Forms

Below is a list of all the forms necessary for an internship. A brief description is given under each one.

Internship Application Form (online application)
The first formal form you must submit. This is an online application form. The information you enter will be reviewed by the Comm department to determine if you qualify for an internship. If you do, you will be contacted by the Internship Coordinator.

Internship Registration
This form indicates approval of this internship as a legitimate learning experience, successful completion of which will result in the award of academic credit. Submit this as soon as you find an internship.

DGCE Summer Signup Form SUMMER ONLY
This form needs to be signed by the Internship Coordinator and the Department Chair. It authorizes you to sign up at DGCE for credits.

Internship Contract - Learning Objectives
Once you have been approved and located your internship site you must complete this form with the aid of your site supervisor. It consists of four basic sections and in short is a brief description of your duties at your internship.

Sample Contract
A generalized completed version of the contract. Can be used a reference point when filling out your own.

Intern's Mid-Semester Report
As an intern you are responsible for two reports and an evaluation of your site. This is your first, in which you simply answer the questions provided.

Supervisor's Mid-Semester Report
As you fill out your report, your site supervisor will do the same. This is so the department can get an evaluation of you and how you are doing at your internship site.

Intern's Final Report
Same idea as the Mid-Semester Report but with different questions.

Supervisor's Final Report
Also the same as the mid-semester report.

Intern's Confidential Final
This is where you evaluate the site and provide any information you see as useful to anyone else in the department. Your evaluation will be used as a reference sheet to others who are interested in the site where you interned.

Additional resources

Frequently Asked Questions
A basic question and answer sheet that provides when and where you should start looking for an internship, the requirements, who you need to contact, etc.

Internship sites
This is a file that includes many sites where our majors have found internships before. Some of the contact information may be out of date, but the document is searchable by keywords such as your concentration or keywords such as "radio." See your faculty sponsor or the Internship Coordinator for the password to this protected file.

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