Student Clubs

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Student Professional Organization 
The Communication Club

The Communication Club advances and promotes  understanding of important communication issues. The  Communication Club helps its members prepare for their  future beyond Westfield State University by learning more about careers and opportunities in the field of communication through a variety of on-campus and off-campus activities including visiting companies, sponsoring guest speakers, and attending conferences and networking events. This club plays a role in helping the Westfield community through volunteer work.  Membership is open to all full-time and part time  undergraduate students. 

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Campus Radio Station  
WSKB 89.5FM 

WSKB is a non-commercial, educational, and entertainment- oriented college radio station.  WSKB provides a quality and consistent showcase for progressive new music  encompassing diverse music styles; it also provides  information relevant to the community.  WSKB acts as an alternative to larger, money-driven commercial stations and does not attempt to compete with or emulate their sound by playing the same music.  
Membership is open to all students and faculty of Westfield State, and members of the Westfield community.

For more information, visit our webpage at, our Instagram page at or contact Professor Nimkoff at 


Student Newspaper  
The Westfield Voice 

The Westfield Voice is the student newspaper of Westfield State University, publishing in an online format.  The Westfield Voice publishes news and commentary on items of interest and importance to the university campus community, with primary emphasis on news that most directly and immediately concerns students.  
Membership is open to undergraduate or graduate  students of Westfield State University. 
For more information, visit our webpage at, our Instagram page at or contact Professor Nimkoff at 


Student Interest Organization 
The WSU Photography Club

The Westfield State Photography Club provides an outlet for the expression of creativity and the development of shared skills and experiences in a relaxed social atmosphere.  The club welcomes all students regardless of level of  experience with photography.  Activities include educational workshops, organized field trips to photography shows, and photographic competitions.  The group promotes the club and its members through the public display of photography on and off campus.
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